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What legal matters are to be considered before writing a Will?

According to the Indian Law, “Will is the legal declaration of a person’s intention which he wishes to be performed after his death and once the Will is made by the testator it can only be revoke during his lifetime.” A person cannot give his ancestors property in the form of a Will but he can make a Will only of his Self-Acquired property . A Will regulates the succession and provides for succession as declared by the testator. The statutory […]

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When and Why should you write a WILL

Why you should write a Will?  Any person who wants to distribute his/her properties/assets/wealth according to his/her wish needs to write a will to enable the same. This is also necessary to avoid succession disputes.  A will cannot override the natural succession of ancestral wealth. A person cannot will away his/her entire inherited property as per his/her wish. He/she  can  only pass on his share to anybody he wants, but the remaining property can be willed only to the legal […]

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