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When is the last date for IT Filing and what are the forms to be filed for Income Tax Returns

Have a home loan? What is the best repayment procedure.

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Have you analysed your insurance policies?

A discussion with Vijay Venkatraman- Owner of Wealthforum on do insurance policies really help meet your goals Are Insurance Policies really beneficial? 

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How Genuine is Unsolicited Aid? Outlook Money September 2018

Yesterday Arun sent me a mail,stating that the SBI Life Manager is saying investing in equity mutual funds is not good anymore, because of the 10 per cent long-term capital gains tax imposed on equity after April 1, 2018 basis Budget 2018 announcement. Instead, the manager went on to say “there is a fantastic ULIP plan that will double your money in three years and returns are tax free!”

Debunking Risk

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Radio Ishq with Dilshad

How long should one “hold” an investment

Is Gold a good investment option.

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How does one select an investment? When is the right time to sell something?


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How to find the right financial advisor. 13 Aug 2018

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Radio Ishq 104.8FM 6 Aug 2018

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How much Insurance do you really need? Also the methods of calculating insurance needs for your family.

Income Replacement Value

Insurance needs = annual income * number of years left for retirement.

Let’s say your annual income is Rs 10,00,000. And you are 45 years old with 15 more years for retirement. 

In this case your insurance cover equals Rs 10,00,000 * 15 = Rs 15000000.

Another way in which income replacement works is to multiply the annual income by 10 (also known as Income Replacement Multiplier).

Human Life Value

HLV is defined as the present value of all future income that you could expect to earn for your family’s benefit. It also includes other value you expect to contribute, less personal expenses, life insurance premiums and taxes through your planned retirement date.


Alok at 40 yrs of age and his gross income is 10 lacs. He pays taxes of Rs 300000and his personal expenses are 120000per annum, he pays for an ins Rs 15000 per annum/

Surplus left for family isRs 565000 per annum or Rs 47000 per month

Assuming ret at 60 years in case of death he has 20 years left

565000*10.6=59.89 or 60 lacs


Need based method of Insurance

Insurance analysis of couple

OS Loans and Liabilities at actuals  + (Add)

Goals- Child Edu/ Child Marriage/ House purchase/ All Heads of Expenditure which family will need to maintain the same lifestyle(PV of expenses till spouse LE)= Total INSURANCE NEED




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Have a family Budget in place? Here are some heads you need to delve into to get it right.

Is your WILL ready? Learn about what needs to be done

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