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A Rich Life

A Rich Life

Money is important. We need money to fulfil our needs and wants and achieve our goals in life. But research has proven that the extent of happiness does not rise in proportion to the increase in wealth. People who are rich are worried too. They worry about how to earn more money, how to not lose their wealth and whether the next generation will squander it all! So it is not always about money. Many other factors make a person truly wealthy. Let us look at the key components of life that will allow you to have a rich life –

Financial Stability

Financial stability and success is essential to have a good life. It gives you peace of mind. If you are financially stable, you can think of non-monetary aspects of life that will allow you to live a complete life.

How do you bring financial stability?

  • Set up your short-term and long- term financial objectives.
  • Develop a plan to achieve those objectives.
  • Execute your financial plan and review your progress and objectives regularly.

Genuine Relationships

Healthy emotional and intellectual relationships with people are vital for your mental wellbeing.   Social connections help you to have a balance in your life. You will gain from the wisdom, care, and experiences that people around you share with you.

There are many ways to develop genuine relations around you. Invest time for your family, friends, and partner. Trust them. Communicate without judging them. Treat people you meet regularly such as your employees or neighbours with respect.


Extraordinary Experiences

There is more to life than working in your office and networking just to expand your business. No doubt these are important but try to gain more experiences in life.

You live only once so push yourself out of your comfort zone and do different things to build a wholesome life. Try out new recipes, travel, or go back to college to learn something. Varied experiences will help you grow as an individual and will also make some wonderful memories. You might even find ways to increase your income or make a career in a different field.


Mindfulness and Balance

We work thinking about the weekend. In the weekend, we play with our kids with one eye on our email. When we travel, we are more interested in taking photographs than experiencing the place. This leads to dissatisfaction. Mindfulness is being in the present. Focus on what you are doing.  You will do a better job leading to satisfaction and a calm mind. Bring a balance between your priorities, tasks, wants, and needs. You will be self-satisfied and even perform better at work.


Ability to do what you cherish

We all have our tasks to do. But find out what else makes you happy and contended. For example, I can play badminton for hours together without getting bored. It could be reading books, cooking  or teaching. Take out time to do what you like. It will make you smile. You will be contented and have peace of mind as you are doing what you like and not what you ought to do. Once you have time to spend on activities that you like, you will be motivated to do your regular tasks for the day.


Giving back to the community

Numerous people are not as fortunate as us. Poverty, illness and, loneliness affect people in our society in a myriad of ways. We work hard and long to support ourselves and our near and dear ones. Similarly, we should take out time to contribute to society or giving back to society. It can be in terms of monetary or material donation or volunteering in old age homes or schools for underprivileged children. Find time, effort and/or money to support your community and causes that are close to your heart. Giving back brings feelings of humanity, empathy, and compassion. You also get a sense of appreciation towards your life and are thankful for the things that you have. It builds self-esteem too.

Money alone is not enough to have a fulfilling life. We cannot ascertain a monetary value to the factors  mentioned above, but they go a long way in helping us live a contented and rich life.

Vidya Kumar

Dilzer Consultants Pvt Ltd