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Buy More when Market Value of Investments is lower than the cost

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HDFC has introduced a unique feature of Systematic Investment/ Systematic Transfer in its investment methodology.


While opting for a SIP/ STP to enter systematically in the market, while both SIP and STP options, transfer a fixed amount from debt to equity over a fixed period of time, the opportunity of investing more when the market value of investment falls low is lost.


Hence, in the Flex STP option, when a lumpsum is invested in the liquid option of the hdfc fund, a fixed amount is transferred every month from liquid to debt, and when the market value of investments is lower than the cost of the total amount invested, then the fund will invest the fixed STP amount PLUS (Cost of Investment- Market Value of Investment)


This is a unique concept of value cost averaging and ensuring more amount is invested when market values fall, such that more units are accumulated and hence more compounding in the long term!


We recommend this option to those who have lumpsum amounts to invest and would like to enter the market in phases.


Do let us know your investment requirement and we will recommend the most suitable option.


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