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Cancer Care Insurance

The probability of getting cancer has increased substantially and the cost of effective treatment whether in India or abroad is very high. It can drain out a common man’s entire life saving.

Cancer care insurance refers to health insurance cover for persons who want to be protected financially against cancer. There are insurance policies for critical illnesses available that cover cancer. But these policies cover treatment for advanced stages of the disease. But management of cancer, diagnosis and prevention of the disease calls for action and financing early on. Insurance companies have realised this and have introduced specific insurance products for cancer care. These policies can help you financially up to certain extent.

What To Look For In A Cancer Care Policy

Coverage Of Extent of the Disease

The disease has multiple stages. The insurance cover is based on the stage of the disease that the insured is facing. Check if the policy will cover all stages or the stages that you want covered. Check the amount that will be indemnified to you in each stage.

Cancer policies usually cover all kinds of cancers. But check before you buy the plan. For example, some policies do not cover skin cancer or cancer arising from other diseases such as STDs. If you have a family history of a particular type of cancer, ensure that it will be insured against in the policy. You can check the cancer insurance policy or brochure to confirm the types of cancer covered under the policy.

Duration and Costs

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is a long, drawn out process. Choose a policy that covers you for the entire period. There are different kinds of costs and medical treatments involved. There are costs involved in doctor visits, diagnosis and different kinds of treatment such as hospitalization, medicines, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Check the coverage extent for each of these costs. Check for features such as free cancer check-up or premium waiver benefits. Cancer is such an expensive disease to get affected with, that each of these things matter.

Exclusions and Restrictions

All insurance policies have some kinds of restrictions and exclusions. For example, some policies do not accept claims for cancer resulting from any congenital conditions. Some policies do not cover recurring cancer conditions or patients who got it due to certain  pre-existing conditions.

Comparison on Cancer Care Policies Available

* Please contact insurance provider for all details before purchase

To Buy or Not to Buy A Cancer Insurance Policy

If you believe that you are at a risk of developing cancer either due to environmental conditions, work related factors or family history, you should buy a cancer insurance policy. Otherwise, you can buy a health insurance policy that covers critical illnesses. Do remember that a cancer insurance policy only covers cancer. You will still need a more comprehensive health insurance cover for other medical conditions.

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