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Term Insurance and Critical Illness Cover- A must!

Dear Investor,

As part of our constant endeavour to provide the best value advise to our clients, we have noticed, many of our clients are not adequately covered with insurance.

As per our recommendation, the cheapest and best form of cover is through a “Term Plan”, which provides insurance for a fixed period for a fixed coverage amount.
Pl do contact us assessing the amount of insurance you need.

Also, with the recent increase of communicable and non communicable diseases, we would recommend, everyone provides for a Critical Illeness cover policy during their working years.

After retirement, a Critical Illeness corpus be created to cater to the rising costs of medical treatment.

Do contact us for more information on this and execution of the same.

Thanks and best regards,

Dilshad Billimoria

Ph: 91.80.41136147 91.80.41512337

30 January 2012