12th Anniversary for Dilzer Consultants

Twelve years of undeterred dedication to our client’s interests and goals. We started small, but thanks to our clients trust and faith in our advice, our service, and our delivery, we have grown into a strong organization, with an ISO certification for Dilzer Consultants.
We have also added many feathers to our hat and have earned many awards over the years, in the financial domain.
 We are here for the long haul and we will walk with our clients on meeting their financial goals, as if they were ours.
Thank you for your continued patronage and trust in us!
Mission Statement for Dilzer: To be consistently client focused, providing holistic financial planning and need based investment solutions, with a view to maximizing returns and creation of wealth commensurate with client’s investment goals.
Dilshad Billimoria
(Founder and Chief Financial Planner Dilzer Consultants)